There comes a time in every lengthy overseas stay where things start to get a bit samey – two months into my tenure as an English Language Assistant and I find myself with little left to say about the job itself. Some days are good days, some days are bad days. Some kids speak well and often, and make me smile. Some are mute, and I try to smile at them anyway. I’m doing my best and – I think – I’m doing okay.

“But”, as the wise sages once said, ” when the weekend come, the weekend come.” 

Weekends are a precious commodity for the language assistant – three (or four) days is a lot of time in Europe, and each weekend begs for some exploration. I’m a sucker for the supplication of abstract concepts, so I’ve gone on a few trips lately. The first of these was to Avignon, in the South of France, during the November long weekend. Continue reading