Intent to Travel

Quite a few people recently have asked me what I’ll be doing when I’m in Europe this year. In order to answer that question, and to post something to kick off my dubious travel blog, here is a summary of our travel plans.

For the first three weeks, I’ll be doing an intensive French course at the CAVILAM in Vichy. During this time I’ll be staying with a host family and I’ll probably be spending most of it acclimating to the language, the culture and most of all, the climate.

After that, I’ll be meeting Alex in Paris and we’ll be heading to Strasbourg for a week for their famous Christmas celebrations and (we hope) our first White Christmas. Determined to see some snow, so we might pop over to Germany for a day as well.

From Strasbourg, we’ll be heading to Lyon for around four days. I’m particularly excited about some of the Ancient Roman history there.

From Lyon, we’ll be going (finally!) to Paris (link for consistency only) and spending just over a week there, including New Year’s Eve. There are (obviously) innumerable things we might do there. We’ll figure it out, I guess.

In Paris, we’ll be meeting our tour group. We’re taking one of Top Deck’s winter tours to round out the end of our trip, and will be visiting Switzerland, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and London in our final two weeks.

I’ll be leaving Adelaide in around a month’s time. My main plan for this blog – aside from the fact that it was already my pre-existing website – is to have something to do in transit and for my own reflection, but if you are one of the select few who want to follow along, I may (maybe?) keep it up to date when the journey begins.

If you’ve visited any of the cities that we’ll be seeing, please feel free to comment about stuff we should do!


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